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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 13, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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plntens stua it' har tk.all is ua bigt'ar tl impveme. >> epor r:g is no aigmpme >>or impremen ino a it a gm pren numr. it g r aostvery wkum t atry pt w threyear tha nber has t bee p re ar haove nras 4ee,000 thaints ae gm picre o 400 ethnt gic u omploent t u.s ulot t evera.sime t o worrae i or 1/2 ieeks the /2nder eloymtks rat s eower eymat .5%. ere also a %. pole icizls aren jobsoliz polical en ibsue. t me towolalhis falumbe at y i.. me tyoueeds fbe at y 27000ew ud js eh anever mth70 beten nownd j e an therelecon i met novberow of nex ar i youthant ec i govherfex i ouunemt oyme rat gdownohe isisevelf em 8%.meat wno toet it owisel thaow%. to yt neeha
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unr y00,0ee un jless c,0ims eacheek a were now jress ne cst. chrthak a ye canow onlnemagi a ha yannlgi thresint's sateg ts lkthsi 's hese nbers sheneg l the nd to pseve ty are pusng n urs innhe n the rht p tarirecon. us's a u toun s l,e rsn'tec. it?ou >> rorte s'tt? rtet's ereme toug se. s most emenalys ar e suging s the 9%st ratelyarillast sllg tayhe %throh ne yea te lt yocan' tfigh nbersike rone ea th v yyon'gh eas marte: th vtuar tha you sas rt ch.arhaou stch r sart . on h r fbn st n les lo at whe tse jbn numbles arloe athe whe e t j numbs sh ld b to bmbinar w athe woulbe condered ambsh b h blthy w econ y. ul th firon brare-new a num hrshy go for on the firs ttheirraewum gounemroyme benheits rsme t i a emmeens i 4,00 for a a heahy ecomy at numb 00ould raeae cing ico
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so wher aroumbld he. cg i soerou 375,0 fohose h w kl 5,foselaim we have w beeaboveheim 400av00 nueroreeovhe00 nu 160f60he lt 16eeks l t thcurrt une loymt16 rekss thrrneym r 9.1% in a heahycono y wou wayown 1% h e ateano you 6 ayn h h bee abo% 6or hee bacallmostbof t last coup ba t acrdinto tas nupbersere eing staacin t ttay norrs ng thta 12- tonths heangnto th2- thethea ectioo bi: eew eio binfortion aft muipleeoplwere st inoron ft sealeach muleplrealifnia. s n wiessesay alchunmaif wa.ked intowise haiyalonmapene wdd ire,toai sipeopeadon anehee, sce two siopdther die ance hostal o aerie e monosl ctica a cditi. th mo lols ineal b cchca say th cti arethlonl bay thorrireed.
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i tnk i losome fends ri . the. t i mosne sho fds becse o ohe my ho frnds i he knecn o h oy f 25frs hkn yea. h sh is f a wderf 25ersoea e holesh sal i aad a wrf wderfso spire inlealhere it wrf trady for irnll oref themit alra ofors i oealem alfeach i bi:l her ihech wascapted abo hpef as bo frnds the h sal o ermi sayy. frs he he th ex-alsban od oay a tyliheth ox-an o was worngli treasor case goo t morng >> rorte ill,seoo can yor agin peop r wteeac herl, behian me y getng tirair ndinop wer ils ne whin alefet t ttr was srups d b wal tunfias very up b fi hoifictorye ar ctinug er folw thi mning ho icry thar cnuairg ol sonhi rains mng th ar cri s rns scen bacbehie arin thi syenachi shoing pzahi as pole ho geceogetr p whasentol
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teibly e wetng.r hapoli dototelie thi teasly w. li raomoiehincidt. inveigats sa thisraay havid veatsa is en a incentnvolngavan ning a anctol ngong-me austo diute th o ofheg-alon torkerand t tdie ofppartly onompt him t er wald tnt thiary pt im crow tdalonal yesrdayhind ope owonesay ppleying at t sne a fi tw oers pieengtrom t the s a inries tw os mescapmghe inesnhard. poliapg aestiar li a2-ytir-ol ottecry-yol n far t fro t ry cre sne narro t cr s hdedo a h reddentl ar an htingn rentar beac whenolic hng anesteim the ac saen heic w ateeariheody aore wandadriy a unsnt d sllsnisns ss cket >> i extmelyhock. et he i serxtlyrieny, aayck. he s
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emsen a s hap. repter: thealon aps ep r:beenheere me 20on ene yea. m 0 thisew rkedhis smaea asta comm ityis o rds 25,0ma peop . tamm thy is ohe5, wst ms s otinop ths we w m uerstd sin i ustrang couy ingou stor bill 60 inhe mning befe or ll sup the i 6in calorni mngef at asuth iragealnihere a mahageeder heah oiciare ma areonfiingerea two oewiaeath e linkfig t thewoth natnal nk theisteaatl oureak the ath wtte3 peoe. ou akthis e h istheeo iss larstn htoryar it srteditn taied hry sed caalous grain inoloro. but2 caougrin deasaveoreen t atibut toea thaen obrea
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bi:atutoha oea bi: in i oakndalifnia, portsay a tra wtak thrgh a difa, rtyigna ara whr one ssenr saa ng he felna a e ensaeel awfujolt a a iact. allfulthe a juri aear it. be l ri a r mir. e maha: ose areust a f of emi stoes wma are: e folrewingtor fuf to wreolng i "amica'ewsr m." havhe nobama' numrssr"ot av ttinany netteum not od ns fhe inyolks inte wa ingt or t ross n fheks n untr how owagtr ss amecanseel out e rectn of tr thi woount rigmensl t e ctnow?of hi weavent stuiging pl nbers w? o wee that tu gbill psh nrs o at i sll i 4", 70ears o. 4y is0 srs pchin a o.eenar is on s pin b? na maha lon le th kg. b ma the brionsh lth govnmenlook kt chegingriovenok 3-yeaol l.chng
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this is 3 ieaeresng lolks is wel besight iesack. ks webehtk. lokingood! youost me wght. yonotid! thesloclotngs ard!too g, out i'm wonatt.g th.yoti howes youoto itar o atin righ who'm graat.thw ouit [ maleinnnougher ]hoeoplra who ooseore ole ain te to igh ss [ thle thoou who ]on'tpl o see e n ltigin cteerioo ..h thhoho't ive ole ains 110aloes. ig cio e e ns 10lo.
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ah one two. thre ahne ono. re o. on an thr. [ ma annncer withhe bkamecard sh ranardshrredicard manner th bme rd ea mor rcashdsackdi rd r ththin youuy mt. eaorshk thinou m 1%ash ck erywhe, ery me. 1%h ewh y . 2%ash ck ogrocies. bacon g. aumatilly. 2%h oocs. ac gno haups ttijumpy.hrou. it as sy aone. h t mp-twoou -t ee. its [ ale ae.ounc ] thbankericd ca rewds cwod. -t. ply liner at[ a ncbank f amica thar ynk. ic caew c y neat nkama y ho: cod swchinto gco allyave u 15or me onar iuran?hocoswin g lye 15 m on ian ho: doeopluse artpnes to ddumbhing ma1: sd, tt ishe weekhod.dople tps dmbngma s tis ek apgrapc: yh da! apman ap all y me da cra...t bbly man don minif ioozyn lle ra.t ly n onn 3:ins a intlezyn wi a ostae inted er tthis part n 1:nly 3: he'a readleto wi ck!taind tisrt 1:y e'♪ sad: gu ar a tru!et j ♪ vo geic s 15 gunute acoulrusave j ♪you % orore car insunce.voic5 teulveu ore arsue.
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mart: azarus rtarhemils trk ruing f t hhwaymi der trrug t conructn. it hpillayome ron uctnown itllelloe fld yocan e inhe bk o uwn thloictu. flyo n inrst b oespoersay thhe trutu. ma have teenposarryrug maviatavnn el forryurbi einesat b thor hav't bn abbi eoes b thav bab nfirthat o billow dou fl abo ir at ere yorllas d hded. f therboare w ae r hisapd.inti erpolle aumbe. 74 ofapti hosell askay wbe a heing 74fhe wngsesk dirtion w anfew a avhe mg h w heiron anw forour m onom he toretret -
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om t for our ecomyo -etorurette lyecyote7% w are ead t rit w dectire. ard you the t 74% ri o dti ar7%?u he >> i'mn4% the o pitio of? wishg t'm amencanhe pplad pio o aette sh t p rit n thi s ltek frette. ri ndire hiyou ve l 21%f ttt pple threking he e nomyu wil b1% t beer a pe yr fromthng emyil b beow. y thro'srett. thttessistic bill ourwn foxsiolliic fou ll someuring at wox jt asliou hh. me itg w w durghe fanci jas h itfallt. wur we fereci at 4% bacll wee thet were bk inacha arehe hreewe barsinater whatoesre theee ser athat llsou. he t mnst . eve ainisatio m reacs aall tyan'tve see aisio tounch acalhrou t.y'tee the tochailos aou ver e unploular thre y arser int inp thear re ynt optism tt ihe
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t in pple en'txcon hringfhema luti ps toe 't getut o ts. h ng ll: ty tito fou tet o pol tng for : tou tolor e "wl stet jrnal 4 "wst j al had onion 4 the ason w brid his u oon e on wori s ou u vwers kno eryresi ntiaou vrsycle yocan pntno to o y ssitistiale yo n p oneetof o sst numrs ne rit trk o wrorack andum tryi tri ftrure o wrother ack nd pridenill yi t fee o wer r alect orprenl somee neill ce int rct ofrce. that ightmenel c tra-wrontrack of. ll t l yoat morhtbout hraro ck erics fe abo tyo theorut couny hhan icfebo anyhether un pl. n wod you aee ornyer p woou arisage. >>ag isto>>call tha has bn thase. tosomelleoplha areast en p bing th e. atntioenou to hmeeplren e inio pwhicgs angeatus fioouo h ioic priden becsege f ynheory hepr cenldonviece y tmis plaor is the cnswevi t he h tlaad twe he honth- aos
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ve wks talk out andth it a notovin w t tk t nd itotin teedl bill 1 sai e gernmdlt asll healy. ai were gng tind g tnmt 1%nd al pu thewe g tnd t tv.% anksor pu comheg inv. ksom i tod. rthahere is newroub od wi a hare bilon iewolla gubernmt wi lonvesentil ttla gsnmeing lo esokedtnto t w t wantoake yong to hisedo le w sante oside yoo se whe ho le ase w s g rea ode fo a wh stahoas w g visea. wefol coinueo shoutaheis cere nyweco beauful ot as we wt or re t . that taul a get w wt undway. at t we'lettalko yoabou tsndy. sine thaas 'llkyo beeou comg t out neha thehiteouseseeom wl. new oubl t whhetese w bw lionbl w doar gernmt lo to a bon dosola gcompnmy whloho is rsing quesons ou la whemperwhshe r ng dera gesernms t shldhee instin inrahese com gniesnm atsh ininse l. biom:est0-ye-oldomangain bi 14-ar-oyeld
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fozeolco an someonlans have ngro ef mohly anemiure. anme nse wi theost mo many thiniu goinup wirp mheicart omplane in is ainmarthoic marpl a yourthealic cov age miing methg? ll n andouet al ov ethe mple pacmige g th wi aar medi nrecondlete e leac inred roug wiunitarhealdicareco te andon'pay re. in d st gug mor italre an thn'annuy enr.lmenperi g orhas ange toctob 15t th nuthronrh deenmberrith. s ge toob so5tall ited althrore nde. er. sol edth n
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billa 7yearld b monor lla thonit on 7ar t buson now th faciitn t chaes. ow cuse of ci aacki aha. 14ear- dsefoy. a ki athat boy sn 14r- leae ainsata youoyer shild.ea p sh ns tnou pchesndldlaps the sh t pes ps-yeaold. he areold e pu himn a ea d. adlo . red whpueimhe anowlgestas
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lo whe t aroprte, aewls doenot be aeve pre br, e th lawoet atrney saybege brthhat aw-yeaold atey aayt ead trolemar yway mart:roma roy skeup ay in rtreat:oy britn. s thupprimminier i pnhing aat anhat ould it cthngeimheni i png a rul t ld abt wh can ce andannoulit o theabwhan elishndhrowno this os b e e stushow is in btu lonn. th hasn bn taed auton therhavethaseen bta rumings a aut er maveng ts kin ofumgs a ma tkihangf >>ig sffng >>ndee s e ral eert ss it'ee lg r et st' over le.g th rul heeen i efft er for thul 3 hn yffrs. r 3 namehat m ye. chiren he me t redencover mhinlder sters h if he firrencerhildf theeruke s anrs irldfhe deches fanambrge is des ughtf shebrsould bom ht he een. ey wldn'haveo wa ldound b thave
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n. wn'vewa s. nd he tvelso nts to scrap banheoro so yoneaphoan mares ran near caolic e morch re rs the hd of ca ic e chch mofh she engnd. h ofmart: t ofchhe greestng. rt: taderfon throwre tt two quern tow ezabe ts,othwo wom qun t th didt ha ebe higom th ha you aveharlhen you go brr. on the chiou ofeaterlndnouo onhe wihiiam.f lot e ral famies ve wine tm. t thi r mamels here hoev t ishiorn fir gshe mre st,ev isnir g righ >> rorte sxact. ngla wil fl ngh rteinect th la f iton't beasy, os.'t vid b camon wts ty,ev aear d morn aam w c try favith ar men mo a cngla. buavth whae' n g tlado busha g legiativ tyxpenve fhe me giiven stapoin f 6iffent actstain o pliamt 6 feve t cnge tet tstso o pam ppen . t c ehe a to has to get 15
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en oth aaset 5 cotriein tth.k. commweal to longco witie t. o pastrimengit th stme miste brond blr trd to dhis mtendro ty bltrto d ileds firs t up,rinc cedrles rsp,nc ces tn inceilli scessn wod t celi ay i pla s.sswo thqueetrie io sy ofla polical theeie affrs s omart: lilreggthan y verff rt ch. llggan yerot to be. cfusedithoe cteaseime.h a maj hlth aarni. e dre. you aightaj hh nee mayotni dr ou avaableor yht ateeayhe hoitalr t oughvale yourt dtor. mart: hohisal t sghry isretti dr. rt mpany katd.s s thess newti roubanat f th yetew anher eseub sar fnerget an r mpanes. s thisew cpanyrg isn t an spotght f tiss cnys bilon t llar loa ott we fl be tight bacil aroa webehtac
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feme anunce] soyou ink ur ks ar getng eugh getaes? emance sou k ye kh, marbe n . et e h tav8 ?fusi jui giv the a fl seing vegable ye m n siuiivhe fseg egle pl a fl seing fru. butplt ju f tasses lig fruru. tju as v8li wharus yo numr? v8hayoum
9:27 am
copdakest ha to eath so iasn'playg mu a re iny owlife pdeshao th in'aymu rinowfe buwithdvai i'breaing tter buthai soi'ow ieaan tg e therlead on acien advture so i tthad aendvre vairs clical pron helsign icany irclprovallungrounct n. elgnan ovlikengost ctpd m icatns adva conins th ket mat vaanonnti-s flam torynd a longctinbronodilor ani-amry anginonil wointothero he impve lunfuncon a day wotoerhemp unnc aay adva won repce ft-acng haleor sden mpto vaonep fac le sn to anshou note ed me th twi a d anouot pele w mh coth takwig dadva mayave pe wcoak vaay a egherhancof pumon
9:28 am
adir m incase ur sk oostea oroser nc pon ad mnce ote osand me e proems. ll yr door iyou have hea contion d eros. y do i higubloopresvere eaonon foreakinadva. igoo es youe stl hang fficty bathi reinva oust ha ke t leaic bhi k yo docr if ining vair tea uld lp iyoroveoc ifur ling fug tionir t yo fir fl escr tion d free ind svee onefil l atfu on yoirl cronee sonilt advacopdom. va pd.
9:29 am
mart: t oba rt oma minirati und t pbassur to o expln w nitind ano perur t masve plgove wmentoannoot io tas ventn io t nd o a strgling olar o a trin engyar en comny. ere isnothom. comenysalle su pow undthom theleicro ope ownd a simar whe troe
9:30 am
olyna. im they w got tyn 1.2 eyotilli.2 ubleha soldrli g. leol 0otalonstctio job g.ere eatethat wealstiouppoobdo ge over teat wpo 25-ar g ererio5- -15 rmnant job werio sd b cre5 edntober s b bre b thi-- peanenjobsere sd tohi pe beenbse cread by stoe eaby is. rses uge i . i wor it rs e i qution.or i ined quon ed byy a a utaongrsmantagran affe. yosaidhis uld the fease. yoids d he th syndr wou b theip of te. th sdr iouberg. >> te tere wried irg the w>>eee9 lliowe w heduestnshe w abo.
9:31 am
w yoave re io h cstpani. bo th val of t yoe tpaye cni thal f do tars in t tye the comnies do s is the $7omes blion ney $idutnd autrizeon bon e v yy lasay out theze vas prram. o heich gs the qstio prsm. h he qio ngreman rrelissaoint t in letr to t eney ren elsant depament in why d thetto ha ten?ne w diyou l pant thi y thha? diu lhiappe rthat rsesuestnspe ha abt whe rer tsre e linst to abpoweul pheple to s d werein shtingownohis pgram . we p bue t s wwee wt to etoushng gnss pam se bu w w toney theay o the gs doo s isehereny y he ind oatiothishe isoo is whre hapned? nd io tisres areuestn mwhks a doapd? t notantrest m a t disrageotnet of tyisge dtingshed of colague dngrengmaed mler'sosol aue re mbbier' forshe comny tn yo he ieorheom t yo h ierio sreta go to b for the comny iiond sta
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9:33 am
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9:35 am
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9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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10:01 am
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10:02 am
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10:03 am
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10:04 am
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10:06 am
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10:11 am
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10:12 am
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10:18 am
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10:19 am
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10:21 am
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10:26 am
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10:27 am
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10:28 am
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10:29 am
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10:34 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:41 am
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10:46 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:50 am
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10:55 am
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